Wolfgang Beltracchi sculpture

Betonskulpturen — Tanz im Raum

"A work of art can be an objective raw material for a completely different subjective work of art; it can consciously or subconsciously serve as material."

—Wolfgang Beltracchi

In 1913/14, the famous paintings "La Sortie des Ballets Russes" and "L'escalier" were created by the French painter Fernand Léger. The first German exhibitions featuring Léger's works took place in 1913 in Berlin at Herwarth Walden's gallery "Der Sturm." From 1923, Léger collaborated with Man Ray and Dudley Murphey on the first Dadaist film "Ballets Mécanique." Painter Oskar Schlemmer lived in Berlin during that time and maintained close contact with Walden.

Around the same time, Oskar Schlemmer, inspired by Albert Burger, contributed to the creation of the triadic ballet. Schlemmer gradually took over the direction and premiered the ballet in 1922. In 1932, Schlemmer created the painting "Bauhaus Stairway" in Dessau.

Following the paths of artists Léger and Schlemmer, Wolfgang Beltracchi merges the ideas of these artists into a new painting, expanding the theme into a third visual language. From this fusion, he derives a series of sculptures that elevate the panel painting into a third dimension.

Wolfgang Beltracchi, 2016, Tanz im Raum

Tanz im Raum
, 2016
Oil on canvas
140 x 170,5 cm

Only with the influences of avant-garde artists of the early 20th century did ballet transition from entertainment dance to an independent art form. Today, dance serves as a significant catalyst for music, literature, and visual arts. The quadrille danced by four couples here assumes the significance of a sacred space. The mystical deification of art is dissolved through the joyous dance. Art is allowed to be human once again.


Wolfgang Beltracchi künstler

By blending the two-dimensionality of Léger's paintings, such as "La Sortie des Ballets Russes," with the multidimensionality of the human sculptures from Schlemmer's Triadic Ballet, the influence of French avant-garde art on German Expressionism is highlighted. 

Wolfgang Beltracchi translates the two-dimensional figures from the painting series into the third dimension. Gypsum models of two dancers and one dancer have been created.

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