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Bronzeskulpturen: Tanz im Raum — Tanz auf der Treppe

The painted bronze dancers are taken from the painting cycle "Dance in Space - Dance on the Stairs." Like the panel paintings, the sculptures engage with the distinct artistic approaches of the French Cubist Fernand Léger and the German Bauhaus artist Oskar Schlemmer. By blending the two-dimensionality of Léger's paintings, such as "La Sortie des Ballets Russes," with the multidimensionality of the human sculptures from Schlemmer's Triadic Ballet, the influence of French avant-garde art on German Expressionism is highlighted. This also points to the intense cultural exchange between Paris and Berlin in the pre-war years of the early 20th century.

A key mediator in this international relationship was the Berlin-based writer and publisher Herwarth Walden. Through his expressionist cultural magazine and the gallery "Der Sturm," he brought together artists from the two rival nations.

Wolfgang Beltracchi translates the two-dimensional figures from the painting series into the third dimension. Gypsum models of two dancers and one dancer have been created.

Wolfgang Beltracchi, 2016, Tanz im Raum

Tanz im Raum
, 2016
Oil on canvas
140 x 170,5 cmnded for longform copy that could potentially include multiple paragraphs.


Wolfgang Beltracchi malerei und skulptur

"A work of art can be an objective raw material for a completely different subjective work of art; it can consciously or subconsciously serve as material."
—Wolfgang Beltracchi

Following the paths of artists Léger and Schlemmer, Wolfgang Beltracchi merges the ideas of these artists into a new painting, expanding the theme into a third visual language. From this fusion, he derives a series of sculptures that elevate the panel painting into a third dimension.

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