Wolfgang Beltracchi KAIROS exhibition

Kairos. Der richtige Moment

9—13 July, 2019
Schloss Esterházy Lockenhaus, Burgenland, Germany

When he paints in an artist's style, he doesn't just adopt his painting techniques, but puts himself in the artist's shoes. What people did he surround himself with? What conditions did he live in? What mental state was he in? An art historical analysis of an artist, so to speak, which Beltracchi then charges with emotions and transforms into an image that is intended to be as credible as possible.

Five original Beltracchi paintings were on display in Esterházy Castle in Lockenhaus from his latest series "Kairos. Der Richtige Moment". Paintings he painted in manuscripts from other artists. This is actually misleading, because Beltracchi's own handwriting is such that he has mastered other people's handwriting.

"KAIROS. Der richtige Moment"

An introduction into the "KAIROS. Der richtige Moment" travelling exhibition. Find out more about a journey through the unseen from 2,000 years of European art history with paintings by Wolfgang Beltracchi and photographs by Mauro Fiorese.

Wolfgang Beltracchi devotes himself to paintings that never existed: paintings in the signature style of influential painters of the past, capturing significant historical motifs and events absent from art history.

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