Wolfgang Beltracchi exhibition KAIROS in Venice
"KAIROS. The Right Moment"

5 October — 3 November, 2018
Marciana National Library, Venice, Italy

The Marciana National Library, in collaboration with ZOTT Artspace, presents, from 5 October to 3 November 2018 in its Monumental Halls, the exhibition “KAIROS. The Recisive Moment”, which aims to offer a unique look at the history of art. The exhibition will, in fact, allow you to admire works never seen and never created in 2000 years of European artistic production. After three years of preparations, the exhibition with the photographs of Mauro Fiorese (1970 – 2016) and the paintings of Wolfgang Beltracchi (*1951) will inaugurate its European tour in the rooms of the Marciana National Library.

The painter Wolfgang Beltracchi, sets out in search of the great moments of the past that have never been fixed on canvas, which Beltracchi paints using the artistic hand of the great masters of his time. From the HMS Beagle that set sail with Charles Darwin on board, in the artistic hand of William Turner, up to the discoveries of Amerigo Vespucci, the first European to understand that the New World was a continent in its own right, through the hand of his contemporary Sandro Botticelli. Crucial moments from around twenty historical eras appear before us, portrayed for the first time with the artistic hand of the masters of their time.

“Given the close bond with Mauro Fiorese, of which “KAIROS. The Right Moment" was the last project, we were particularly keen to inaugurate the exhibition in Italy, his birthplace", says the creator of the project, Christian Zott, regarding the cooperation with the Marciana National Library. For the European project, Zott commissioned two artists to deal with the question of the empty spaces in our vision of art: "What would it be like if we didn't see everything that we could have seen instead?", a question to which the two artists provide strongly divergent.

Construction of the exhibition "KAIROS. The Right Moment" in Venice in October 2018 with paintings by Wolfgang Beltracchi and photographs by Mauro Fiorese.

Aufbau der Ausstellung "KAIROS. Der richtige Moment" in Venedig im Oktober 2018 mit Gemälden von Wolfgang Beltracchi und Fotografien von Mauro Fiorese

Film von Hans-Joachim Ellerbrock

Wolfgang Beltracchi exhibition KAIROS in Venice
Wolfgang Beltracchi exhibition KAIROS in Venice 2
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