Wolfgang Beltracchi painting W. Turner

"KAIROS. The Right Moment"

20 November, 2018—13 January, 2019
Barlach Halle K, Hamburg, Germany

"KAIROS. The Right Moment" directs our attention to the unpainted and unseen works of art history through the perspectives of two outstanding yet distinct artists.

Paintings by Wolfgang Beltracchi and photographs by Mauro Fiorese (deceased in 2016) invite visitors on a journey through time. Wolfgang Beltracchi's paintings tell the stories of significant moments and themes from the past that were never captured on canvas and are now, for the first time, transformed into works of art in the style of long-deceased, influential masters. Specifically for this exhibition, Beltracchi created paintings in the styles of 23 different eras and art movements, ranging from antiquity to modern times, from Roman fresco painters to 20th-century artists. The departure of the HMS Beagle with Charles Darwin on board, Martin Luther's experience during a thunderstorm, the assassination of Rosa Luxemburg, and many other pivotal moments come to life in the handwriting of the masters of their time.

Simultaneously, the exhibition showcases works produced by artists over the past millennia, which remain hidden from us today. Mauro Fiorese's award-winning series "Treasure Rooms" takes us into the storage rooms of significant museums, where around 90 percent of our cultural heritage is preserved. Images from places like the Uffizi, the British Museum, or the Belvedere draw attention to the hidden treasures of our cultural heritage and raise awareness that only a fraction of art shapes our perception of it.

Together, these exhibits fill the gaps in our art appreciation. Christian Zott enhances the exhibition with modern art education offerings, such as an augmented reality app, making the visit an enriching experience.

Selected exhibited artworks
from "KAIROS. The Right Moment"

Installation video of "KAIROS. The Right moment"

Construction of the exhibition "KAIROS. The Right Moment" in Hamburg in November 2018 with paintings by Wolfgang Beltracchi and photographs by Mauro Fiorese.

Aufbau der Ausstellung "KAIROS. Der richtige Moment" in Hamburg im November 2018 mit Gemälden von Wolfgang Beltracchi und Fotografien von Mauro Fiorese

Film von Hans-Joachim Ellerbrock


Helene Beltracchi, Christian Zott, Wolfgang Beltracchi, and Horst Bredekamp at the Kairos-premiere.

Helene Beltracchi, Christian Zott, Wolfgang Beltracchi, and Horst Bredekamp at the Kairos exhibition opening.

Kairos Ausstellung Bredekamp Rede

Internationally renowned art historian, Horst Bredekamp, gives the opening speech for "KAIROS. The Right Moment".


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