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"The creation of digital art offers an almost unlimited scope to develop an artistic idea and to live it out in full."
—Wolfgang Beltracchi (2021)

The first ever Digital Fine Art Collection by the most prolific art forger of the 20th century, Wolfgang Beltracchi. "The Great" NFT drop is a recreation the most controversial painting in the world, Leonardo da Vinci’s alleged “Salvator Mundi”, the most expensive painting ever sold. It was sold to Saudi Arabian crown prince Mohammed bin Salman for $450 million on 15 November 2017 by Christie’s in New York. For "The Greats" paints in the styles of seven different old masters, including Picasso, Van Gogh, Da Vinci, and more. Wolfgang Beltracchi uses his encyclopaedia of art knowledge, an unrivalled depth in the understanding of painting techniques, and a meticulous execution to create masterpieces that could have been created by the hands of the old masters themselves.

"The Greats” is divided into over 30 individual series based on 7 different eras in art history. The collections consist of a total of 2,608 original digital artworks. Beltracchi artworks. All components of each artwork are solely created by Beltracchi using the same techniques as used by the old masters. In addition, he makes use of modern forms of art such as photography and graphic design to digitally assemble the different components into new creations reflecting the capabilities of today’s art world. 

The traditional art elite wants to bury Beltracchi

Since his arrest in 2010, the art establishment has been working tirelessly to make his artworks inaccessible to the public. Museums, galleries and auction houses alike have barred Beltracchi from exhibiting and selling his art. As an ordinary person, it is near impossible to obtain an original Beltracchi. It is in the art establishment’s utmost interest to maintain the status quo, and to continue to dictate what is and what isn’t art.

This is why we utilize the Internet and the Ethereum blockchain to give the world unrestricted access to one of the last living old masters of our time.


Watch Wolfgang Beltracchi as he unravels "The Greats" NFT drop. Considered as the most notorious living painter of our time, Beltracchi presents his latest project in 2021, as we find ourselves at the threshold of digital art.

In a world where digital identity is more important than ever before, it is the beginning of a new era, ten years before ai and computers will revolutionize the world forever. "The Greats" concept is taking you on a journey through the history of art.

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The Eras

Delve into the mind of Wolfgang Beltracchi and the Old Masters, and discover the techniques used to create these masterpieces.
Salvator Mundi The Greats by Wolfgang Beltracchi
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Salvator Mundi by Wolfgang Beltracchi
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Wolfgang Beltracchi Salvator Mundi The Greats
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painting The Greats by Wolfgang Beltracchi
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