Die Malereien in der Stiftsbibliothek St. Gallen Führung mit Wolfgang Beltracchi
14th of April, 2024 

Guided Tour with Wolfgang Beltracchi: The Paintings in the Abbey Library St.Gallen / Die Malereien in der Stiftsbibliothek St. Gallen

Wolfgang Beltracchi gained fame as one of the most versatile and skilled art forgers. Today, as an artist, he utilizes his encyclopedic knowledge of art, unparalleled understanding of painting techniques, and meticulous execution to create masterpieces that could have come from the hands of the old masters themselves. In the famous Baroque hall of the Abbey Library, Wolfgang Beltracchi will share his immense knowledge with us.


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23rd - 26th May, 2024

At the 29th Book Fair "Svět knihy Praha"

Under the title "The Book - German-Language Literature," authors from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland will be presented. The autobiography of Wolfgang and Helene Beltracchi has been translated into Czech and will be presented at the fair. The authors will be in attendance. 

View all of Beltracchi's Publications here

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2nd - 30th of June, 2024

The upcoming exhibition will be hosted at Lilian Andreè Gallery
Basel-Riehen, Switzerland

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11th - 18th of June, 2024

Wolfgang Beltracchi in conversation with Renè Scheu at phi.COLOGNE
More information coming soon. 

About phi.COLOGNE
The international philosophy festival phil.COLOGNE presents voices and viewpoints from philosophy, science and academia, and politics. This year as well, our most extensive – and perhaps most diverse – festival programme to date will provide a stage for open discourse.

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30th of October, 2024

Wolfgang and Helene Beltracchi in conversation with Patrick Stach, at the 3000 Club in St. Gallen

With great joy and for the second time, we are pleased to welcome the art forger Wolfgang Beltracchi among us. He will share insights into the art of forgery and engage in a discussion with our member Christoph Lanter. We are looking forward to an exciting and undoubtedly entertaining evening.

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30th November - 21st of December, 2024

The upcoming exhibition will be hosted at Christine Brügger Gallery in Bern, Switzerland

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Wolfgang Beltracchi in the permanent collection of mSE Kunsthalle

Paintings by Wolfgang Beltracchi from the
"Kairos. Der richtige Moment" series

On display at the mSE Kunsthalle in Unterammergau, Germany, from the permanent collection

Visit: mSE Kunsthalle |  Weiherweg 32, 82497 Unterammergau, Germany

Opening hours:
Friday to Sunday: 9 am to 4:30 pm
Monday to Thursday: closed

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